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What does B2B mean ? It means Business To Business, and refers to the commercial exchange of products or services between companies . A market opposed to the B2C , Business To Consumer, which includes all sales made directly to the final consumer .B2B does not mean that your interlocutor is not a person, be clear. Often we tend to depersonalize this market which, despite having its own specificity and peculiarity , certainly presents relational dynamics common to the B2C.

With the premise, in this post we have identified 6 tips that allow brands to put themselves in the right perspective in front of the business to business Email Marketing.

1. Trust the drip campaigns in the onboarding and trial phasesA service of thousands of euros a year is certainly not bought on impulse. We often come to purchase after long contact and relationship cycles . So remember that B2B recipients do not buy the instant you land the email in their inbox.It means that an Email Marketing strategy can not consist of a single campaign, but it is necessarily made of a battery of emails , inserted in an organized , reasoned and structured sending plan . A sending system that must be oriented according to the behavior and the phase of the customer journey in which the single contact is located. The Marketing Automation constitutes the core of this process.

Theory and practice of Marketing Automation, in the dedicated ebookMany are the reality of B2B that rely on trial and tests free to attract new leads (potential customers), and then convince them gradually over time to buy. In this first phase of the report the email plays a decisive role, and for its strategy, the advice is to develop a strategy of drip marketing .Here is an example of a rather articulate and effective drip campaign , which starts from the trial request on the site and arrives until the end of the 30 days trial, and then proceeds in a series of cadenced items that accompany the purchase:Drip campaigns are simple and linear workflows , in which a series of messages is sent automatically according to a predefined frequency.

They are in fact suites of emails , or batteries of mailings, which have at least common denominators:Objectives , that is the end of the set of communicationsTriggers , the conditions that trigger the personalization and sending of the emailDesign : if the template can be the same for all emails, the copy will necessarily vary.Drip marketing can be applied to various moments of relationship between company and company . You can create email drips for: Making lead nurturing (as in the case just seen)To welcomeRecover the abandoned cartPush to renewalCreate engagementPromote courses Promote products and servicesReactivate users.

2. Care design: create graphic and responsive emailsThe fact that you operate in B2B does not mean that you are not required to take care of email design . The B2B recipients are sensitive to the image, to the graphic realization, no less than the B2C interlocutors.So no style license, but on the contrary great care and attention in the definition of the layout . There are two essential requirements:Functional design, impact and invites to deepen
B2B does not mean sending textual e-mails that resemble work contracts or service details.

The effectiveness of the email is to deliver an effective, incisive, impactful invitation, then inviting the recipient to deepen the content on another page (your site or a landing page). New Breed, some time ago, conducted a test comparing the two solutions: on one side (on the right) the textual email, on the other (on the left) the graphic email. Needless to say, to win over in terms of clicks and conversions, it was the latter.

New Breed emails: textual and graphic version comparedOptimize email for mobile Having a B2B database does not mean that recipients open their email in the office from their desktop computer. The mobile component is also fundamental in the business to business market. A test? Here is the aggregate report of the MailUp database to which our newsletters are sent:

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